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Fatma Qandil

The well-known „new generation“ poet and short story writer was born in Cairo in 1958. She also co-edits a journal of literary criticism that is called “Fosoul” (chapters). She has got a master’s degree for a thesis about „Intertextuality“ in the seventies poetry, and a Ph.D. thesis on Khalil Gubran’s prose. She’s a member of the poetry committee of the „Supreme Council of Culture“. She currently works as a professor of Modern literary criticism at the University of Helwan. Fatma Kandil represented Egypt internationally in a number of poetry festivals, and her works had been translated into English, French, German, Spanish.

Curfew, 1987.
The second night after a thousand, 1990.
The silence of wet cotton, 1995, Dar Sharqiyat, Cairo.
Intertextuality in Poetry of the 1970s (A Representative Study), General Authority of Cultural Palaces, Cairo, 1999.
Suspended questions like the massacre, Dar Al-Nahda, Beirut, 2008.
I am your tombstone, Aafaq House, Cairo, 2009

Fatma Qandil was awarded 2022 Mahfouz Medal



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