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Mouna OUAFIK is a Moroccan poet, short story writer, journalist and photographer from Rabat.

She has published three collections of poetry:
    - Brown Vanilla, Dar Azmina, Jordania
    - Red Neon, Dar Alnahda, Beirut
    - Sharp Edge of a Half Broken Plate, Dar Rawafid, Cairo
And two collections of short stories:
    - Mint, Wax and Death, Dar Sharqiyyat, Cairo
    -, Dar Afaq, Cairo.

She has received numerous prizes and awards, including the BBC Radio Award, the Kuwaiti Arab Magazine Award and the Jazan Club Prize for Saudi Literature.

She is currently working on an extensive collection of autobiographical poetry entitled From the Female Chimpanzee to Darwin.

For the Shaeirat Project she is preparing a dyptic of autobiographical performances:

       From the Female Chimpanzee to Darwin : #1 the day

       From the Female Chimpanzee to Darwin : #2 the night






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