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30 June2022 - Palestine

Ramallah / Fondation Al Qattan

16 to 19 July 2022 - France

Festival d'Avignon

21 July 2022 - France

Avignon / Contre Courant

23/27 March 2023 - France

Saint-Nazaire / Athénor

30 March 2023 - France

Choisy-le-Roy / Théâtre

11 May 2023 - France

Orléans / scène nationale

13 May 2023 - Switzerland

La Chaux-de-Fonds / TPR

24 May 2023 - France

Nantes - Maison de la Poésie, Grand T


Don't believe me if I talked to you of war

reading / concert / video

with Asmaa Azaizeh (poems in Arabic), Haya Zaatry (chant, music), Adam Zuabi (video)

English subtitles

Don't believe me if I talked to you of war is a performance in which Asmaa Azaizeh's extraordinary low voice, almost masculine at times, stands out against Haya Zaatry's musical arrangements (melodies, guitar, electronics).


The readings of the poems are crafted like songs and the two women, who look like twins, stand out on fascinating video stills: the poet's mother sitting on her diwan in her house, the waves of the Palestinian Mediterranean, the old city of Haifa...

Video :

Festival d'Avignon 2022







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