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Asmaa Azaizeh is a poet, performer, and journalist based in Haifa. She was born in 1985 in the village of Daburieh, in the Lower Galilee, Palestine.


In 2010 Asmaa received the  Debutant Writer Award from Al Qattan Foundation, for her volume of poetry, Liwa  (ليوا), published in 2011.

Her second collection, As The Woman From Lod Bore Me  (كما ولدتني اللدية), was published in 2015.

A most recent collection Don't Believe Me If I Talked To You Of War  (لا تصدّقوني إن حدّثتكم عن الحرب) was published in 2019 in Arabic, Dutch (Geloof me niet als ik vertel over de oorlog) and Swedish (Tro inte på mig när jag talar om kriget).

She published in May 2022 الجسد الذي تسلّقتُه يومًا.

Asmaa became the first Director of the Mahmoud Darwish Museum in Ramallah in 2012.

Her poetry has been translated to English, French, German, Spanish, Farsi, Swedish, Italian, Greek and Hebrew, among others.

Don't believe me if I talked to you of war

reading/concert by Asmaa Azayzeh (poems in Arabic), Haya Zaatry (music), Adam Zuabi (video with English translation of the poems)













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