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Lulu Rafat (b. 1991) is a Palestinian poet living between Canada and the Middle East

She's holding a degree in French and Comparative Literature from the Sorbonne University.


She is known for her storytelling channel on SoundCloud which garnered over 14 million visits since 2013. Lulu is now preparing for her first poetry book to be published in 2023.

For the Shaeirat Project she is working on Mishwâr (Arabic: journey/walk) : an Arabic storytelling and musical show  that evokes "the traumas we collectively face within our own bodies, homes and streets, and recalls the journeys we all take to find our true self in a collapsing world; our place amidst the never-ending dispossessions; and our voice in the face of guardianship and authority which constrains our personal attempts at life."


Mishwâr is a safe space to deconstruct reality, in the quest for the self - using language as a tool for healing.


performance with Lulu Rafat (poems in Arabic) and Sophie Agnel (cordophone)


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