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creation March 30th, 2023

Théâtre Choisy-le-Roi (Fr)

April 4th 2023 - France

Amiens / Maison de la Culture sn

May 11th 2023 - France

Orléans / scène nationale

May 13th 2023 - Swiss

La Chaux-de-Fonds / TPR



reading / concert

with Lulu Rafat (poems in Arabic) and Sophie Agnel (cordophone)

English subtitles

Mishwâr (Arabic: journey/walk) is an Arabic storytelling and musical show.

Mishwâr is a long narrative poem written in the first person. It is a life story: the life of a young woman in search of herself, who is separated from her family and her culture, and faces a serious psychic and existential crisis in a foreign land.

The ordeals endured by this young Palestinian woman are described in the poem with a raw frankness that gives it great affirmative force. Using language as a powerful healing tool, Lulu Rafat moves forward "On this road where there is no one but you and the road", giving the story of her journey (Mishwâr in Arabic) the authentic colors of a true testimony.

Lulu Rafat is a prodigious interpreter of her own poem. Her stage presence is intense and vibrant, and her passionate performance generates a strong emotional swell. Alongside her on stage, the exceptional musician Sophie Agnel creates an equally eloquent and truly unheard-of counterpoint on the Cordophone, an instrument of her own invention.

Mishwâr is performed in Arabic with French surtitles.

My little house in Canada

          (from Mishwâr)

The Mailman has no troubles finding

my little


in Canada.

And he, out of all people,

matters to me the most!


Because he has a vehicle

And I,

everything I


            is so



In my little house

in Canada

hangs a clock on the wall.

It doesn’t really work - nor do I want it to;

it only reminds me of

my failure

in synchronising

my mind, my heart

and my body

– to each their own timing.

So when I immigrated across the globe

I made sure to masterfully learn

– and I still do –

how to calculate time difference.

Every item of furniture

in my little house

will have me on it

a drawing

or a line of poetry

to personalise what is meant for the masses

to feel like I conquered

the god-like machine

that wants us to

all be

the same;

while History has fiercely taught me

to be wary

              of crowds.

And since I get bored easily,

I keep moving around

my plants, my furniture,

and my boundaries

On my wall there is a drawing of a faceless woman,

and the words “the mishwar begins”

I sign underneath it

                                       my name;

             for when the road thinks

              me dead

              my heart’s beating? – slow,

              my breathing? – heavy,

              my power? – non-existent,

              and my mind?

              my soul, my body? – returning to


               so I bid


                         My letters? still

                         carry Life.

Sophie Agnel is a French improviser (prepared piano) of international renown, moving from the demanding exercise of the solo to multiple encounters in situ with the greatest masters of contemporary improvisation (Michel Doneda, Daunik Lazro, Olivier Benoît, Catherine Jauniaux, ErikM, Roger Turner, Phil Minton, John Butcher, Jean François Pauvros, Thurston Moore, Joke Lanz).
In 2014, she joined the Orchestre National de Jazz (ONJ) for 4 years under the direction of Olivier Benoît.
She regularly participates in the creation of text/music performances based on major and demanding works: Testimony by Charles Reznikoff, La passion selon G.H. by Clarice Lispector.

She has also designed an astonishing experimental electroacoustic instrument, the cordophone / nOpiano, a combination of a small piano frame and an electric bass neck.


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